Building high performance media tools

Dixie Unlimited provides custom development of media tools, with a focus on dynamic, interactive web sites.

Some web site developers will add large frameworks designed to handle every imaginable situation to achieve even a simple basic effect. This approach tends to sacrifice performance.

We focus on building highly efficient tools that do only the job required. This results in fast loading web sites. A web site that loads quickly is far more likely to retain a visitor's attention.

Now in its fourth generation, our in-house developed web publishing system, dxPub, provides a complete dynamic site with full administration control. Designed for event driven organizations, dxPub includes pages specific for personnel biography, products, services, secure contact, photo album, embedded video, embedded audio, news/articles/documents (with embedded media), event calendar, rss feed and more - each with their own secure administrative edit pages.

Built on a foundation of PHP/MySQL/CodeIgniter and Javascript/jQuery/AJAX, dxPub includes customized tools for creating, editing and adding content.

We also build completely custom sites with custom features.

Our extensive background in OpenGL, MIDI, Objective-C, Xcode and the vast array of Cocoa frameworks opens the door to development of native apps for both Mac OS X desktop computers and iOS mobile devices.

While writing code is a main stay of activity, we have vast experience with using media production tools like Final Cut Pro, Motion, Photoshop, Lightwave, Blender and Logic Pro to create content.

Recent projects completed by Dixie Unlimited:

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Exclusive rights to our previous commercial products (dxp:Compose & dxFx:Nvirons) have been acquired by another organization for their internal projects. We have removed these products from our catalog.

Registered owners will continue to receive their support via the contact page on this web site, or the email address provided with these products.


All information that you provide to Dixie Unlimited remains with Dixie Unlimited. We do not provide customer information to anyone.

Dixie Unlimited provides a RSS feed for news - located here. There are no mailing lists or forums.